Your BGH Community Advisory Council

The BGH Community Advisory Council was established in 2012.   The council is comprised of members recommended from all municipalities in Leeds and Grenville and relevant hospital stakeholders.  Its purpose is to assist the BGH is providing exceptional care to the people in our communities.

CAC Roles:

  • Assist the Hospital and Senior Leadership in understanding the communities that BGH serves and their specific needs for hospital based services;


  • Assist management, when requested, in the review and development of BGH programs and services consistent with the needs of the communities served and assist the hospital in setting priorities in program areas;


  • Assist management in the strategic planning process;


  • Serve, as appropriate, as a communication link between the hospital and the   communities;


  • Advise the Hospital on how to best engage other groups in the community who are  not represented by the current membership;


  • Review the annual financial statements and the report of the auditor;


  • Recommend members who may be willing to serve as community members on Board committees, through the Governance Committee of the Board;


  • Recommend the names of potential new Board members, through the Governance Committee of the Board;


  • Support BGH’s community engagement by answering questions from neighbours, families or others in the communities represented, if appropriate, or by assisting them to contact BGH to have questions and concerns addressed.


The CAC meets about five times per year.  In the past year, the Council has furthered its understanding of hospital finances, capital projects, the role of the South East Local Health Integration Network (SELHIN), and Mental Health initiatives.  The Council provides timely feedback regarding local citizens’ hospital experience.  Members are invited to participate on committees such as Capital Projects and Emergency Department initiatives, bringing a relevant community perspective to this work.  Most recently, the hospital’s Senior Leadership engaged the Council in Phase One of the Strategic Planning process.