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Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are there to support our patients, their friends and family and complement the high level of care that our staff give. Volunteers can be found throughout the hospital; directing patients to clinics, serving tea & coffee to visitors, portering day surgery patients once they have been discharged....the list is endless.

What Our Volunteers Do

BGVA members work in many areas of the hospital. On an annual basis over 300+ women/men and teens generously donate over 27,500 hours of their time at Charles and Garden Street hospital sites. Areas include:


Gift Shop

Palliative Care
Art Gallery                                      Information Desk              Recreation Therapy/Restorative Care
Day Surgery Knitting Spiritual Care
Cardiac Rehab Lottery Ticket Sales Visiting Patients
Eleanor's Cafe Magazine Cart Wagon Cart
Emergency Room Ortho Clinic Wee Care Baskets

How do I become a Volunteer?

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Our office hours are Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm.

You can also reach us by phone at 613 345 5649 x 1254 or email Liz Rogers, Volunteer Coordinator at

Our mailing address is:
Brockville General Volunteer Association
75 Charles Street
Brockville ON K6V 1S8


"BGVA Volunteer Voice" is the Volunteer Association bi-monthly newsletter. It contains all the latest news about events and Volunteer Opportunities in the Association.

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BGVA In the News

Pictured with some of the Wee Care Basket items donated by St. Paul’s Anglican Church: Erin Armstrong and Miranda Edmunds, Women and Children’s Program nurses; Kellie Kitchen, Director of Professional Practice and Women and Children’s Program, Bea Slack; ACW, St. Paul’s Anglican Church; Karen Matte, BGVA President and Carole Birtch, BGVA Volunteer.

The hematology department of the BGH lab would like to send a huge thank you to the BGVA for their donation of funds to purchase a new slide stainer. The lab was very grateful to receive a new Siemens Hematek stainer – an integral piece of equipment which allows technologists to prepare blood films for microscopic examination.  When your doctor orders a CBC (Complete Blood Count), if certain criteria are met, the technologists will spread a thin layer of blood on a glass slide. The Hematek stains the cells with special dyes to highlight components of the different elements of your blood – white cells, red cells and platelets. This can help the doctor diagnose illnesses including anemia, mononucleosis, infections, leukemia and many others.
“We can’t thank the volunteer association enough. This critical piece of equipment is used continuously, each and every day. The hematology laboratory would not exist without it. It should last for many, many years. Thank you so very much!”
Ruby McCabe-Locke, Hematology Charge Technologist, BGH

The Brockville General Volunteer Association recently donated $18,000 to support ourpurchase of a new registration system. The new system allows visiting patients to simply touch the computer screen and they will be given a registration number which will show on the television when it is their turn.
Pictured, Jim Tickle, one of our Welcome Desk Volunteers, shows off the new registration system which is ready to serve patients at our Charles Street site.