Visiting BGH

Visitors are permitted at any time during the day with permission from the health care team. Immediate family members may visit critically ill patients at any time. Children under 12 years old are not permitted to visit, except with permission of the health care team. A limit of two visitors per patient is recommended, this number can be increased with permission of the health care team. OR and Day Surgery patients may have one escort.One parent is encouraged to stay with a paediatric patient. Please check with the nursing floors for any visiting restrictions.

Visiting hours will ultimately be decided by the patient and the health care team. Nursing personnel monitor our patients' tolerance for visitors, and may adjust schedules and routines to meet patient and family needs. The patient's clinical status and social and emotional needs will be considered in every instance. Visitors who are feeling ill and/or have a fever are asked not to enter the hospital to visit. All visitors are required to use the hand sanitizers when entering and leaving the hospital. Visitors are required to wear provided protective apparel when visiting a patient in isolation.


All Brockville General Hospital grounds are smoke free. This means smoking is not permitted anywhere on hospital property, including vehicles parked on BGH property.
BGH offers a number of smoking cessation supports in place for patients, including nicotine replacement therapy. If you know of a patient who would like support to quit smoking, please speak with a member of their health-care team.  

Reduced Scent

For the safety and comfort of those with allergies and sensitivities, please respect that the hospital is scent free and do not wear any scented products or bring flowers with scents into the hospital. These include freesias, lilacs, lavenders, lilies, hyacinths and peonies. Other items that you should not use or bring when you visit the hospital include:

  • - Scented body powders and lotions
  • - Scented shampoos and hair products
  • - Scented soaps and deodorants
  • - Perfumes and colognes

Latex Free

Please do not bring any latex products, including balloons, into the hospital as they may cause allergic reactions in some people. Balloons made from non-latex materials are welcome.