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Patient Safety Plan (2015-18)

The Brockville General Hospital has established a strong commitment to Patient Safety and Quality. Our Patient Safety program is designed to align with and support our mission, vision, and values.

The Brockville General Hospital has adopted Accreditation Canada’s Required Organizational Practices (ROPs) and the CPSI safety compliances as key drivers for Patient Safety in the organization. Appropriate policies and procedures have been developed, implemented and evaluated to meet these requirements. The primary focus of this plan is to prevent harm, and promote the safety of all patients, visitors, volunteers, physicians, and staff.  

Quality and Enterprise Risk Management Plan (2015-16)

Brockville General Hospital has a significant budget challenge ahead, but one that is not insurmountable. Evidence suggests that there is opportunity at BGH, but it will be incumbent upon our leadership to effect change.

It is important to acknowledge that BGH has been very successful at reducing the operating budget over the past few years. Unfortunately, those changes are not keeping pace with funding decreases.

As we enter into a time where tough decisions will need to be made, it is important that we accept our current environment, and that we agree on how we will work with each other throughout the changes.