Brockville General Hospital

Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

1.   You have the right to considerate, respectful care from your doctors and other health care
providers, free from discrimination.  You are expected to treat your health care team and other
patients with respect.

2.   You have the right to accurate and easily-understood information about your plan of care,
including having your questions answered.

3.   You have the right to privacy in personal care, and confidentiality in information.

4.   You have the right to know who is looking after you while in hospital.

5.   You have the right to talk privately with your health care providers.

6.   You have the right to know treatment, care and placement options, and to take part in care
decisions in collaboration with the most appropriate and informed health care providers.  Parents,
guardians, family members, or others and persons with Power of Attorney for Health Care whom you
choose, can speak for you if you are unable to make your own decisions. Having you involved in your
care increases the chances of the best possible outcomes and helps support a high quality,
efficient and effective health care system.

7. You have the right to assistance if you speak another language, have any type of disability, or
don’t understand something. Help will be given so you can make informed health care decisions.

8.   You have the right to have spiritual and cultural needs addressed, including having a
spiritual care provider as part of your care team.

9.   You have the right to read and copy your own medical record, subject to applicable
legislation, in the presence of your health care provider.  You have the right to ask your doctor
to amend your medical record if it is incorrect or incomplete.

10. You have the right to full disclosure of adverse events that affect you directly.

11. You have the right to a prompt and objective review of any complaint you have about your
treatment, any team member, or the health care facility. This includes complaints about wait times,
hours of operation and any action of health care personnel.