Media and Communications Inquiries

At Brockville General Hospital, all media and communications inquiries should be directed to the Marketing and Communications Office:

Abby McIntyre
Marketing and Communications Specialist

Brockville General Hospital
75 Charles Street
Brockville ON K6V 1S8

613-345-5649 ext. 1504

Please note: In order to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all patients, we ask that you use discretion if using the camera feature of your phone. No photographs can be taken within hospital grounds of patient, families, facilities or staff without permission. If you require photographs of staff or facilities within the hospital, please contact the Marketing and Communications Office for assistance.

Communications Plan (2015-16)

Our Communications Plan is intended to guide our organization in communicating with our patients, people, community and community partners.  It is recognized that good communication is everyone’s responsibility.  Our plan has been created to ensure that stakeholders in the catchment area of BGH are informed of appropriate activities and actions of the Hospital.  The plan will also serve to improve our hospital’s communications culture and enhance capacity for proactive strategy.