Hospital authority officially transferred to Board of Directors


Jim Cooper, Chair of Brockville General Hospital's Board of Directors, shares that the BGH's authority has officially be transfered back to the hospital, marking the end of term for the provincial supervisor, Kevin Empey. 

May 1, 2018 – Brockville General Hospital’s Board of Directors issues statement marking the return of hospital governance to the community.

May 1, 2018 marks a new, beginning for BGH, its staff, medical professionals and the community. Today, governance of the Hospital officially transfers back to a community Board of Directors.  Over the past 18 months, BGH has been under the direction of Kevin Empey, provincially appointed supervisor. During which time, the Hospital was recovering from financial and cultural issues. 

Empey’s appointment ended at midnight April 30, 2018.  The dedicated local leadership, led by Board Chair, Jim Cooper, has pledged their commitment to delivering the best patient care to residents, now and into the future. 

Cooper credits Empey for providing BGH with a path to stability. Empey’s work to recruit a strong community board of directors and strong operational leadership, including Nick Vlacholias, President and CEO, and Dr. Robert Malone, Chief of Staff, has set the foundation for the Hospital to continue to serve the community. “Over the past 10 months, we have seen tremendous success with Nick and Dr. Malone at the helm, and we expect more into the future,” explained Cooper.

BGH has balanced its operating budget for the first time in 15 years and is projecting a balanced budget for 2018/19. “We still have much work to do, and need to ensure that patient care remains at the core of our business.  We can achieve this by providing thoughtful analysis to funding and operational needs,” said Vlacholias.

The community board of directors will focus on two key areas in the coming year – the Hospital’s Phase 2 Capital Redevelopment Project and developing a strategic plan. 

Looking to the near future, the Hospital’s Phase 2 Redevelopment Project is the first opportunity to enhance BGH.  The project to consolidate hospital programs and services from Garden Street site (formerly St. Vincent du Paul Hospital) to the Charles Street site is under way.  A modern 93 bed tower will be built to include existing and new services for palliative care, rehabilitation, complex continuing care and mental health beds.  Combining this with current beds at Charles Street, BGH will be operating in excess of 160 beds after construction completion.  The 22 bed increase will mean a need for more nurses, more support staff and more medical care.  The Hospital is growing to meet the needs of the community.

Now that the Hospital is out from under provincial supervision, it can redirect its energy from recovery to planning for the future.  The Hospital will undertake the development of a new strategic plan in the fall of 2018.  “The needs of our patients and the health care system are always evolving.  A new strategic plan will give the Hospital a stable foundation, so we can flourish in the future.  This board, with the support of the staff, physicians and our community, will work together to set BGH on a positive path forward” says Cooper.

What does this all mean for our community? This means BGH remains our community hospital.  BGH employs our friends, family and neighbours and is here to care for us when we need it.  “Together, we will grow stronger. The Redevelopment Project is one shining example of this promise. We will continue to meet the healthcare needs of our community for future generations.  Just watch us!” said Cooper.


Abby McIntyre
Marketing and Communications Specialist
Brockville General Hospital
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