Patient Relations

HOW DO I SHARE A COMPLIMENT or provide feedback?

Compliments or kudos about your patient experience are always welcome. If an aspect of your hospital care was exceptional, or you wish to recognize one of the healthcare professionals who served you, please let us know.

In addition, hearing about ways in which we could improve the service we provide our patients is much appreciated.

Patient Experience Survey

At Brockville General Hospital, our mission is to be "a progressive community partner, delivering an outstanding health care experience, guided by the people we serve, provided by people who care." Directed by our core values of compassionate care, quality and patient safety, honesty, respect, accountability, teamwork, and continuous improvement, we are committed to providing high-quality, patient-focused care.

An important part of this commitment is receiving feedback from the patients and families we serve. This feedback helps us to continuously improve the quality of our patient care and services we provide. The BGH Patient Experience Survey is available at the survey boxes posted throughout the hospital.

In addition, you may access the survey in one of the following ways:

Online: Please choose one of the below options.

Emergency Department

Surgical Services (Operating Room, Endoscopy, Day Surgery, Recovery)

Inpatient Units

Clinics (ACU, Ortho, Cardiac, Paediatric)

Diagnostics (X-Ray, CT, Ultrasound, Mammography and Laboratory)


Via mail: You may request a paper copy from the Quality & Risk Specialist at 613-345-5649 ext. 1366 or

You may also contact our Quality & Risk Specialist by writing c/o:

Brockville General Hospital
75 Charles Street
Brockville ON
K6V 1S8

We will share your comments or story with those being recognized. You may also communicate directly to:

Julie Caffin
Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer

Questions About Your Care?

During your stay at Brockville General Hospital, we want you to feel comfortable about the care you receive. Please feel free to ask questions at any time of your health care providers, whether a nurse, doctor, or therapist.  
To support your care, we have developed a Patient Bill of Rights

Ask your nurse his or her name. At the start of each new work shift, the nurses will introduce themselves to you. Your nurse can answer many of your questions about your care. If you have further questions, issues or concerns that haven’t been answered by your nurse, please ask to speak to the Charge Nurse or the Unit Manager.

If your concerns are still not resolved to your satisfaction, or you are not sure who to speak to, please contact the Quality & Risk Specialist using the contact information listed above, to act as your liaison in addressing your concerns.

As with compliments and kudos, you may also communicate directly to the Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer using the contact information listed above.