Our Code of Conduct outlines the behaviours that we expect from all persons within the Brockville General Hospital.  Our Code of Conduct applies to any individual (patient, client, visitor, staff, physician, community partner, volunteer or student) who gives or receives service in this organization.  Our Code of Conduct sets the parameters by which we treat each other, as well as those we serve.  All employees, staff and volunteers will uphold the core values of the Hospital and will sustain a community characterized by inclusiveness and civility.

- We will maintain confidentiality.

- We will be mindful of what is said, where it is said and the impact it has on others.

- We will treat everyone in a professional manner that demonstrates respect, dignity, caring and compassion for each individual.

- We will communicate with everyone in a clear, timely, honest manner and demonstrate attentiveness through choosing the appropriate environment, responding and using a calm and helpful tone.

- We will offer assistance to anyone within the building or on the hospital grounds who appears to be in need of help.

- We will not tolerate discrimination in any form.
- If we do not have the answer to a question or an issue, we will obtain the information as soon as possible.