December 9, 2015

Brockville General Hospital (BGH) recently received results from Accreditation Canada’s on-site review, achieving a 96.4% compliance rating.  The Hospital achieved compliance in 2331 standards out of a total of 2246, earning “Accredited” status.
The Hospital’s last accreditation on-site review in 2011, resulted in a 95% compliance rating, based on approximately 400 fewer criteria than in 2015.

The report highlighted a number of strengths within BGH, most notably its patient-focused approach to healthcare through its Patient Safety Plan and Falls Prevention Program, innovation in the Palliative Care team, and an overall caring and engaged team of staff, physicians, senior leadership and volunteers.

Participation in the voluntary accreditation process demonstrates BGH’s commitment to delivering outstanding quality patient care. It also showcases the hard work of the BGH team to provide a safe, efficient and nurturing care environment.


•  BGH received “Accredited” status in Accreditation Canada’s quadrennial review.

•  The hospital was assessed against 2331 standards and achieved compliance in 2246 criteria (96.4%);

•  There was a 66% improvement in non-compliant Required Organizational Practices (5 unmet ROPs in 2015 versus 15 umet ROPs in 2011).


•  Accreditation Canada