The Brockville Cardiovascular Program (BCP) is a leader in cardiac prevention and rehabilitation services in Leeds & Grenville.

The BCP is a local rehabilitation service for people recovering from cardiac surgery, cardiac angioplasty or stenting. Opened in 2009 and based in Brockville General Hospital, the BCP is free for patients referred to the program.

Located at the BGH Charles Street Site, the BCP offers six and twelve-week programs of exercise, education and counseling to assist with the post-operative journey to full recovery. These can be done in the BCP unit or at home, individualized for each participant. Clients of the program have the suport of a multi-professional team including:

  • a physician
  • kinesiologist
  • dietician
  • nurse
  • respiratory therapist
  • pharmacist
Cardiovascular Rehabilitation
  • Improves quality of life
  • Increases activity level
  • Improves cardiovascular fitness and the heart’s functional capacity
  • Reduces risk factors
  • Gives more control over one’s health
  • Increases the options for living independently

The BCP averages over 120 program graduates per year, with 50 participants in programs at any given time. We take up to eight new patients per week, working hard to help keep the hearts you love healthy and moving forward.

The BCP is a FREE service. This program was created locally and is funded entirely by our generous community. There is no government funding for this service.

Physician referrals are required for registration to this program.